A traditional yemeni hot drink, brewed from the dried husks of the coffee cherries. One of the most healthy drinks that is vibrant and refreshing.

Health benefits

Very rich in potassium

Anti inflammatory properties

Keeps the skin healthier

Packed with antioxidants 8 times the amount in blueberries

Promote mental health and support the immune system


Cascara tastes

sweet hibiscus tamarind fruit floral

usually described as a very refreshing drink.

Brewing method

Step 1

Add 50 gram of Qishr (Cascara ) to one liter of water reaching boiling point or near boiling point.

Step 2

To enjoy hot: Let it infuse for 5 minutes before serving.
To enjoy cold: Let it sit overnight in the fridge.

Step 3

To enjoy hot: Filter liquid and serve.
To enjoy cold: Filter liquid and serve with ice.

Step 4

Add honey or ginger to the cup if desired.