Haraz Arabia Felix Reserve

Floral, Dried Fruit, Chocolate, Complex

Fruit Dried (Natural Processing)

2100-2200 masl


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The hub of the first coffee trees cultivated in the world, Haraz yields the best coffees in Yemen. A Wildlife Sanctuary located in the southwestern part of the capital city Sana’a. Haraz mountains are among the highest altitudes in Yemen, where the coffees are grown in the magical rich volcanic mountains.

The farmers of this lot were hopeless in 2016 since no coffee buyer was able to get to their remote area when Mazaj team found them and was committed to working with them to elevate the crop. The farmers were about to remove all the coffee trees and plant another tree since nobody was buying their coffee. Two years later, the farmers were able to produce one of the best coffees in the region with cupping scores between 88 and 91.